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What is Leaf?

License: MPL 2.0 PRs Welcome

Leaf is a powerful, fun, lightweight web application for querying clinical data. Leaf helps query clinical databases of nearly any data model for cohort estimation and data extraction, and seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise authentication systems to unleash the potential of translational biomedical research.


Why Leaf?

  • Flexible: Clinical databases come in all shapes and sizes. Leaf can work with nearly any clinical data model, including the OMOP Common Data Model, i2b2 and SHRINE, or other proprietary or non-standard data models. Add Leaf as a sidecar to an existing data warehouse.

  • User Friendly: Leaf is designed to be simple, intuitive, and fast. Searching for diagnosis or procedural codes, labs, or whatever you point Leaf to is easy.

  • Scalable: Leaf excels on databases large and small, and has been successfully deployed on terabyte-size clinical databases with millions of patients and decades of data.

  • Secure: Security of protected health information is critical to any healthcare organization. Leaf implements current best security practices to make clinical data both accessible and safe.

  • Open: Curious how Leaf works, how you can help, or how you can use Leaf to help researchers at your CTSA? Let us know! Leaf is an open-source project and we love collaborating with other institutions and hearing feedback.

Getting Started